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January 31, 2019

Another review for another version of Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy IV is one of my favorite games that I have played (Final Fantasy II on the SNES) and played (Final Fantasy IV on the […]
December 31, 2018

Get a Job! Final Fantasy V Advance.

What does Final Fantasy mean to you? The series has gone through so many changes that it’s hard to define it with just a few words. […]
July 18, 2018

My return to Riviera: The Promised Land had all the good and bad of my first journey.

Like most gamers, I get the urge to replay a game for a second time. Maybe I’ll try a new set up. Maybe I’ll pick up […]
July 2, 2018

Yet another reason why women should be in charge. Princess Yggdra stars in an exciting SRPG!

Author’s Note: This review was originally published on February 12th, 2007. It was written during an interesting time in my life, and unlike other reviews of […]
July 2, 2018

The Revenge of Shinobi is a disappointment.

Ouch. What happened here? When it comes to Shinobi, you are supposed to follow two very important rules. The first rule is that the game must […]
July 2, 2018

The only good thing about this version of Tales of Phantasia is that it’s legally available in English.

Aside from Final Fantasy IV, Tales of Phantasia seems to be the RPG that just doesn’t want to remain in the video game archives. “Oh Tales […]
July 2, 2018

Welcome to Ovis! How would you like to be oppressed today?

Portable consoles are great for games that don’t require the player to put too much thought into achieving victory. Of course, there are times when even […]
July 2, 2018

Let’s be real. The true hero in Sword of Mana is Lil’ Cactus.

This review was originally published on January 1st, 2004. I received this game as a Christmas gift and played it from start to finish mere hours […]
July 2, 2018

Sigma Star Saga review.

Mixing genres together is rarely a good idea. Remember Samurai Showdown as an RPG? Yeah, that was a bust. Many others have been as well. While […]