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January 24, 2020

Onimusha Remastered

While the original Onimusha: Warlords was released in 2001, I didn’t play it until much, much later. To my surprise, the game aged well. Adjusting to tank-like […]
January 10, 2020

Infinite Undiscovery is infinitely underwhelming.

Years ago, I remember seeing a teaser for a game called, “Infinite Undiscovery”. The title itself was enough for me to keep up with any of […]
December 29, 2019

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

If I was asked to describe Inti Creates’ Azure Striker Gunvolt series, I would call it, “Mega Man Zero on steroids.” These 2D action game fill […]
December 25, 2019

Pass the Salt and Sanctuary.

Salt and Sanctuary is Dark Souls in 2D. Literally. In fact, I’m surprised that From Software didn’t issue some sort of copyright lawsuit after Salt and […]
February 12, 2019

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is fun, flawed, and fickle.

When Namco announced that they planned to release an enhanced version of Tales of Vesperia on the PlayStation 3, I was excited. I thought it would […]
December 9, 2018

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice shines the most when you’re not playing it.

The moment you boot up Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, a message appears on the screen. The message recommends using headphones during play time. I thought it was […]
July 3, 2018

Tales of Vesperia was the sole reason for my Xbox 360 purchase.

Author’s Note: This review was originally published on February 6th, 2009. Like other reviews of the time, it features “witty” taglines that designate each section. Since […]
July 3, 2018

Tenchu Z provides the right amount of repetition.

Author’s Note: This review was originally published on January 3rd, 2011. Like other reviews around the time, this one features “witty” taglines to separate each section. […]
July 3, 2018

Spectral Force 3 reminds gamers that not all franchises are worth localizing.

Author’s Note: This review was originally published on September 25th, 2008. Like other reviews of the time, it features “witty” taglines that separate each section. I […]